Heaven on Seven is a feature comedy film that takes place in modern day Chicago, Illinois. Warren Griffith aka Smiley is a 40 year old minister at Greater Hope Tabernacle located on the south side of Chicago. He inherited the church/business from his late father, leaving him responsible to carry on his dad’s legacy of 50 years as one of Chicago’s most influential preachers. Smiley feels the dual pressure of having to fill his father’s shoes and remaining loyal to his childhood friends. Smiley’s childhood friends Chino, Sweeny, JoJo and Lucky all 40 years of age have been hustlers all of their lives spending most of it gambling at “The Spot”, a pool hall set up for them to make a living. Once “The Spot” was torn down along with many of the housing projects in Chicago, Smiley’s compassion for their hustle and loyalty to his friends causes him to allow Chino to run the gambling hustle out of the basement of the church. Smiley attempts to keep the hustle and his faith separate by creating a number of stipulations. It’s during this time a single young rookie reporter, Kristen Williams, jumps at the opportunity to publish a story on Smiley as this month’s “Man of the Community“. Unfortunately, due to Smiley’s different approach to the gospel, he has begun to lose long time church members, causing bills to go unpaid and maintenance problems to arise. The only thing growing is the illegal gambling spot and Smiley’s interest in the young reporter Kristen. Smiley uses his humor and charm to convince Kristen and others that everything is fine until her jealous, obnoxious and prying co-worker, Paul McGee, discovers “The Spot” and seeks out to uncover Smiley for the crooked preacher he believes he is. In a final effort to save the church, Smiley contracts to bring in world-renowned preacher, Pastor Prince Jasper. Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict causes a large gambling competition to occur on the same day as the Pastor visit. With the guilt of his father’s legacy looming, black mail attempts by the local Alderman armed with information from Paul McGee, and the fear of losing his new-found love, Smiley must find a way to make all things right or risk losing everything.

The filmmakers and production team will have a combined experiences of over 15 years in film, television, and music productions. We are confident in our abilities and would like to introduce ourselves:

BRANDALL “B” COLE, Writer/Director
Fans of comedy are familiar with Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Movie Producer B. Cole. His performances can be seen on the legendary stages of HBO's Def Comedy Jam, Live From L.A., and BET's ComicView. Comedic superstar B. Cole has been in hit films, such as "Love Jones" and "Barbershop." He went on to write and produce short film, “I’m in Love With a Crackhead” and feature film “A Get2Gether”.

This multi-talented entrepreneur is no stranger to entertainment and has received an honor at the Chicago Hip-Hop Awards for his work in film and television. Comedian B. Cole is an icon that continues to thrive in comedy through his newly released Internet show “Really Tho Radio”

Eugene Bush is an accomplished Director/Producer and sits on the board 2 non-profits one of which is responsible for producing the film “Of Boys and Men” starring, Angela Basset and Robert Townsend. Eugene owns and operates E-tre Productions, which is responsible for producing dozens of music videos, commercials, and various video projects. E-Tre Productions received distribution for their last short film “Jaded” in 2015. Eugene Bush is an alumni of DePaul University.

SAL MUNIR, Line Producer
Sal Munir has Line Produced and Produced twelve feature length films. He has been writing and producing independent films and documentaries since 1994. Sal has worked for Paramount Pictures, CBS, NBC, BET, MTV, NFL Network productions. His technical and creative skills were honed from his studies of film and television at Columbia College in Chicago. Also as Line Producer, he will be in charge of all financial, crew, and department head aspects of film production and initial planning through all stages of production and distribution. Sal will participate with the production budget, generate a perceived mystic about the film which will catch the eye of acquisition executives, negotiate with rental houses, film labs, and editing facilities during the production stages and assist with negotiations for final worldwide distribution.

JEFFREY T. BROWN, Director of Photography
Jeffrey Brown has over 20 years of experience in film and video production. His work as a cinematographer has garnered much attention, including awards and nominations from the Toronto International Film Festival, ABFF, PAFF, IFP/LA New Filmmakers, World-Fest Houston International Film Festival, and MTV Video Music Awards. He has photographed 15 feature films and over 350 music videos, accrediting him as a master for capturing images. Jeffrey’s accomplishments have been described as “Inventively Lensed” – Chicago Sun Times; “Having a visual-dramatic flair” – Chicago Tribune, and “Beautiful” – Chlotrudis.

Bradley MadBrad Smith, Co-Director
Bradley MadBrad Smith has been working in the independent film industry for sixteen years. He worked second unit on “The Watcher,” starring Keanu Reeves and James Spader. He went on to work with well-known video director, Marc Klasfeld on R&B artist Dave Hollister's "One Woman Man" music video and recently on Lil Bow Wows' "Thank You" music video. He also directed “Soldier,” a music video for R&B artist Tina Moore and "Breath Again" for newcomer Ren, which was named, by The UrbanNetwork, the #1 most added urban video in the country for the week of February 23, 2001.

Bradley has also worked with director Paul Hunter on Michael Jordan's new Nike line spots titled "Much Respect." His first film as writer, producer, and director “Restore,” a 12-minute short film, was accepted to Urbanworld Film Festival in 2001. MadBrad went on as first assistant director for the Chicago portion of the Emmy winning season 6 of “The Amazing Race,” as well as Jeff Garlin's “Daddy Daycare” and "I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With.”